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About me:
I’m Rose. I’m one of the first New Zealand uni students to be selected for the NASA I2 International Internship program – this is the first year Kiwis have been eligible. I’m partway through (recently finished – 04/05/2020) my Masters in Chemistry at the University of Waikato. I write weird fanfic, okay poetry, at least two blogs that I’m aware of, and what will hopefully be a good thesis.

About this blog:
I’ve been blogging erratically since I was about fifteen, but having all that bad fanfic and the grownup I-am-working-at-NASA stuff on the same blog is kind of a recipe for disaster, so consider this a spinoff.

The boring stuff:
This blog is mine; I run it, I own it, and WordPress powers it. It’s a freebie so you might see some ads. I have no control over the ads. I do not represent, and my blog is not affiliated with and has neither anything to do with, nor any oversight by, NASA, the New Zealand Space Agency, the University of Waikato or any department thereof, Rocket Lab, or MBIE. All opinions are my own, unless I’m quoting someone else’s opinion, in which case I’ll try and make that obvious.

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